Our History:

Timothy Sullivan was known for being an amazing husband, father, brother, uncle, friend and grandfather. However, when he lost his battle to cancer in 2008 at the age of 57, our family and friends were devastated.  


Seeing him go through the cancer treatment process was heart wrenching and tiresome, not only for him, but for all of his loved ones. Within those six months of treatment, different family members took time away from their daily lives to care for him, get him to and from treatment and to help in anyway they could. Tim was lucky to have the support of many caregivers. Sadly, not everyone has those kinds of resources or strong support systems.


After his passing, our family knew that there were many other families who were facing similar heartaches. Timothy Sullivan, was a man known for his helping hand and we only wanted to carry that forward. We want anyone fighting this disease to know that they have an extended family here to help them along the way, just like Tim did. 

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